About Me

Jubilee was born and raised in Parson, just south of Golden, BC.

Jubilee loves the mountains and found her way back to Golden in 2000. The need to be surrounded by wilderness has enabled her to spend much of her spare time in the outdoors; walking her dogs, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, camping, biking, and cross-country skiing.


Jubilee Cacaci is a Professional Agrologist and an Environmental Professional. She has a BSc in Environmental Science, and a MSc in Environmental and Management.

As owner operator, Jubilee has provided project management for environmental consulting throughout western Canada.

Environmental Managing, Monitoring, Consulting & Advising :

  • Regulatory  requirements and guideline adherence,
  • Drilling waste management,
  • Environmental spill response & remediation,
  • Water & soil sampling and reporting,
  • Wildlife and ecology assessments and monitoring,
  • Water quality & RAR/SPEA assessments,
  • Rig and completions advising,
  • Wildlife research & monitoring plans, and
  • Construction monitoring & applicable plans.


Jubilee has experience as an environmental monitor for major civil infrastructure construction projects in sensitive habitats regulated by municipal, provincial and federal bodies.

She also is competent in pre- and post- construction site assessments, environmental field reports, soils assessments and the resource components of environmental impact assessments for major projects. She has directed the excavation of contaminated soils at commercial and industrial sites and all soil and water sampling associated.

Regulatory experience outside of construction management consists of water application requirements for residential, industrial and agricultural uses and resource development guidelines for crown lands, forestry, wildlife and aquatic resources.

Jubilee has worked as a sub-contractor for over 18 years in a variety of industries, focusing on environmental monitoring, wildlife studies, research, and natural resource management and planning.