Projects & Experience

Environmental Monitoring

bridge environmental assessment

Major Highway/Bridge Projects. Oversaw all environmental aspects for major highway construction projects. Ensured adherence to CEMP & ESCP for all construction activities. Acted as contractor’s representative to ensure the regulatory framework was in compliance with all established procedures, protocols and regulations for construction and demolition within diverse habitats. Performed water quality, wildlife and rare plant monitoring, archeological site monitoring and modified work procedures as required. Ensured all reporting for daily visits, weekly summaries, erosion and sediment inspection logs and spill reports and communicated in a concise and timely manner. Liaison between contractor and regulatory agencies (BCMoT, BCMoE, DFO, Parks Canada).
Oil & Gas Environmental Advisor. Ensure adherence to guidelines and regulations for all aspects relating to oil & gas drilling in northeastern BC relating to drilling operations, drilling waste management, releases and confirmatory sampling, wildlife monitoring and identification, invasive species management and control, water storage, use and monitoring, soil sampling and sump suitability analysis and reporting. Ensure timely and concise reporting for daily visits, weekly summaries, inspection logs and release reports. Ensure and support efficient and effective communication between drilling, completions, construction and environmental departments. Responsible for all environmental budgets, invoicing, timelines, and restraints including outside contractor coordination.
Municipal Districts & Maintenance Contractors. Environmental Monitoring for construction and maintenance projects; replacement of bridge footings, dike improvement work, vegetation management and removal, including ESCP & EPP writing. Ensured all reporting for daily visits, weekly summaries, erosion and sediment inspection logs and spill reports and communication in a concise and timely manner. Liaison between contractor and regulatory agencies.

Research & Monitoring

bear monitoring wildlife studies

RAR Assessments & Fish Surveys, Golden. Performed detailed Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) Assessment on creeks for development and fish surveys including electrofishing and traps. Project consisted of filed work collecting and compiling data, and providing a written report complete with mapping for Steam Protection Enhancement Area (SPEA).
Fall Spawning Survey Study, Golden. Performed a multi-year spawning study over the fall period for kokanee salmon within the Kicking Horse and Columbia Rivers systems. Project consisted of collecting and compiling data, and providing a written report complete with mapping and charts to highlight spawning areas within these two Rivers.
Blue-Listed Mammal Research & Forest Health Management. Gathered data and researched the effects of logging on vaccinium sp. and grizzly bear populations. Created wildlife management plans to maximize wildlife habitat and minimize effects of resource extraction.
Blue-Listed Bird Surveys. Conducted Northern Goshawk nest surveys, auditory identification, breeding behaviours and located active nests.
Ungulate Wintering Grounds Research. Conducted vegetation surveys to determine ungulate wintering ranges and create management plans.
Waterfowl Numeration & Habitat Creation. Conducted waterfowl nest surveys, auditory and visual identification, breeding behaviours and located active nests. Built and erected waterfowl habitat at various mountain elevation lakes.
Two year Douglas-fir beetle population and pheromone research. Assisted with in strategic placement and mapping of traps. Maintained, monitored and sampled traps and assisted in analytical manipulation of collected data using statistics to determine forest management and harvest options.
Researched orphan grizzly bear cubs. Observing inherent and learned traits, hibernation duration and activities, habitat use and activities, habitat impact and vegetation restoration capabilities, and ongoing dietary needs. Provided strategic advice resort wide on environmental and ecological integrity and sustainability issues. Provided all daily care, monitoring of health, dietary needs, upkeep and husbandry of orphaned grizzly bears and 22 acre habitat. Developed, created, designed and implemented educational interpretive programs. Monitor and evaluate interpretation and guest experience. Assisted with 8 bear immobilizations and pre/post-dormancy exams.
Caribou Mitigation and Wildlife Management Plans. Assisted in the development and revision of caribou mitigation plans and wildlife management plans, monitoring objectives, documenting caribou and wildlife observations and activity. These plans were developed to control activity within boreal caribou wintering ranges and to limit any negative interactions/impacts in the NEBC drilling locations on local caribou and wildlife populations.
Invasive Species Management and Control Plans. Assisted in the development of invasive species management plan for NEBC drilling locations. This included but is not limited to mapping and identifying invasive species, options for control and management, reclamation, and re-vegetation plans.

Contaminated Sites and Emergency Spill Response

emergency spill response advisor

Project Manager. Respond, manage and remediate environmental spills including; emergency transportation spill response, commercial/industrial spills, and underground storage tank removal. Manage project; budget, timeline, weather constraints, liaise with property owners and provincial and federal agencies, provide all site assessments, environmental impacts, remedial options and direction, oversee contactors, provide confirmatory sampling and reporting to appropriate parties and regulatory agencies. Minimize risk and optimize effectiveness thru proper investigation, evaluation, and remediation.
Oil & Gas – Site Remediation/Environmental Advisor. Perform all clean-up and confirmatory soil sampling and reporting post rig release for any spills during the drilling process. Responsible for drilling waste management; plans, sampling, pump offs, onsite mix-offs and subsequent reporting. Responsible to adhere to regulations and guidelines, and to ensure environmental safety and preparedness for spill response for oil & gas and camp/construction lease locations in NEBC.

Environmental Impact Studies/Assessments


Project Manager. Small scale development and residential environmental impact assessments ranging from alpine trails, dike management and upgrades, rural developments within sensitive areas, and riparian area regulation and stream protection and enhancement area reporting.
Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments. Replacement of old AGT at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise with new AGT. Delineated a soil sampling plan for the site area, directed excavations and collected and submitted soil samples. Used topographic data and previous soil samples to determine contaminated site extent, and assessment reporting. Provided site environmental monitoring and safe work procedures.
Environmental Impact Assessments. Review and determine impacts from ongoing operations within and outside National Parks, reviewing impacts and providing mitigations.


environmental study research

Environmental Assessment & Environmental Protection Plans. Responsible for providing environmental assessments of proposed development projects, determine the environmental impacts and steps to mitigate impacts, applications as agent for Section 11, DFO review.
Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), Environmental Protection Plan (EPP), Spill Response Plan (SRP) and Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP). Write environmental plans for various companies for construction, planning, and development projects within British Columbia based on site specific and geographic constraints and provide operational strategies and options to mitigated impacts and to adhere to federal and provincial guidelines and best management practices.
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and Emergency Response Plans. Environmental manager responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring plans related to environmental and safety aspects for a new matting company providing environmental options for oil & gas lease sites, transmission lines, underground and surface works infrastructure projects.
Environmental Assessment & Environmental Protection Plans. Responsible for providing environmental assessments determining the environmental impacts and creating mitigations for alpine trail construction.